Friday, April 4, 2014

WMDs of a different kind

Just when the world is understanding a concept, we can trust the US Government to come up with some brilliant idea that turns the concept on it's head. 

Remember Stuxnet? We were struggling with the viruses in the wild, calling them trojans and malware and all sorts of names and then... boom! Stuxnet rises, cripples Iran's nuclear abs and creates a new lexicon entry - APT. 

Cut to present day disclosures - Cyberwar and cyberterror experts are yet to digest the contents of TAO or PRISM. In fact the most respected people in the war business have (on record) said they do not understand the term "cyberwar". 

Inspite of such disclosures, governments are buying cutting edge tools for doing stuff on their perimeter and outside. Armies of developers are creating cyber-weapons (malware) and letting their inner devils run wild.

No one even thought about creating chaos to bring down a government, except the brilliantly evil brains in the American establishment! 

Read U.S. secretly built 'Cuban Twitter' to stir unrest

No one thought of converting the idea of "Arab spring" into a cyber-weapon! 
Except for the brilliantly evil brains in the American establishment :)

And the concept of cyberweaponry is now turned over it's head. A true blue WMD that can be used to spread disinformation, create chaotic crowds, influence thought or engineer civil strife. And there is the easy way to engineer the downfall of a government.  

The US government used the facade of USAID to set up a twitter-like portal (Zun Zuneo) focused on building a community in Cuba and have used it for a number of self-serving activities. The underlying objective is to influence thought and bring about change by having a democratic government. 

So what does this now do for the world? Increase the level of distrust for all business or things of US origin. 

I mean if Facebook starts a misinformation campaign after setting up about a 1000 or more fake accounts where are we headed. 

How about scaring a whole country (or community) and starting mass migration and polarization on the lines of caste / color / religion / language. 

Or mobilizing flash crowds in every city to chant anti-national slogans creating a law and order situation.

In the last few days we have read disclosures which reported that Google and Microsoft have accessed emails without authorization. The Snowden disclosures are still continuing and have not helped in managing the reputations of any of these global corporations. 

There is distrust all around! And incidents like this from USAID will not help. 

However, we have a new WMD and it has to be developed in stealth mode. 

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