Monday, March 10, 2014

Sadly MH370 is lost and no thanks to the aircraft manufacturers

 Malaysian Airlines MH370 loss

This is not the first time an aircraft has been lost over sea and we are replaying the same scenario - MH370 loses contact and is feared lost. Now there is a search operation involving about 30+ aircraft and an equal number of ships.

The question that nags me is that after so many years of technology advances in aviation we struggle to find missing aircraft and when we find the debris there is big time trouble to locate the 'black box'. By now this should be child's play. I have a few childish  suggestions...
- why can't Boeing and other companies just embed homing beacons all over the body or an aircraft (it should not add more than $ 1000 to the cost) - Why can't these guys put reflective paint on the body- Why not have more than one black box OR keep a voice channel open to the ground where they can keep recording the cockpit activities- Why not have a 'call home' transmitter embedded across different parts of the aircraft

Then when you think about all the issues reported by the Boeing Dreamliner you realize that this is not happening because these guys have yet to get their act together in the flying section so how can we expect them to be good in the security segment!

It is the same story being replayed when precious lives are lost and the relatives are clueless about their loved ones and how did they die! 

As I write this there is a massive search operation underway and in the end we will have a monument somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Security checks have addressed many risks, however, when we think about the hardships which could have been avoided with a swifter search (in the event of an unfortunate mishap) there is no excuse. 

Someone from the design teams or from the FAA in USA or DGCA in India or equivalent bodies across the world should exert pressure on the aircraft manufacturers to something!

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Unknown said...

Why not the data in FDR and CDR be transmitted to airline's HQ in real time? Anyhow they spend millions of Dollars in retrieving them.