Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Software Asset Mis-management... who deserves to be hit?

It was another day and I was excited when I learned about another possible 'victim' of the SAM missile. Am putting them here for record...

Case 1 - Last month a close friend who is the IS head got the review call and I was happy to help him face the notice and the threatening discussions that followed when he pushed back. Yes, he pushed back and the License Manager was sort of surprised and changed tracks. Eventually it was a bad one and everyone was smelling bad too. To cut the story short his company was wrong in the license use - they have a good quantity of licenses but needed more. They were plain lazy and this requirement kept going under against other "priority" budget items. Well they had to spend about Rs. 85 lacs ($ 150k) within a week of closure. 

So much for the budget ! All I can be happy about is that they are compliant and I could help them save about Rs. 40 lacs ($ 70k) - pro bono work to help a friend. 

Today a fellow consultant provided information about a bank that is presently under scrutiny. Now this is different - it is a bank and they are covered only about 15% with licenses. And the balance 85% these guys are using pirated stuff. Well they are desperately trying to move to open source and I am waiting for them to be HIT. They deserve to be HIT and HIT BAD and i hope that the s/w vendor that is reviewing them includes a penalty too. 

I did offer to help and may provide advice too, but it is going to cost them if I am called. I know that they will not agree to pay my fees and will just seek advice (which I am not going to offer).

In any case I do not think they can be saved and I will really not be happy doing this.


Am I being judgmental ? I don't think so as it is my prerogative. However, as I repeatedly say - I do not support piracy. Especially if the person (or entity) can afford to buy the software. I am against strong arm tactics against ignorance bred due to complexity, and will continue to speak out my mind whenever I come across an instance. 

In the above cases both could afford to buy licenses, one was delayed in purchasing and had a friend at the helm, so I wsa okay in my support. The other could afford to buy but did not do this on purpose and deserve to be penalized. If I can get a share of the amount they will have to spend it will be my good luck :)

More SAM as and license stories as I keep going hunting.

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