Monday, February 22, 2010

PwC .. unethical bids based on lies

PwC is lying again. They bid for an eGovernance contract with the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) and submitted that they were a CMMi level 5 company. Turns out their certification expired in 2008 !

Now they show their lack of respect for the system and any sense of honor - they say that since the contract is for "software consulting" and not for 'development" CMMi is not required ! And that currently they have an ongoing appraisal for their CMMi certification. Additionally that they have obtained other similar contracts without any issue so why is this an issue here.

Hello ! wake up !! CPWD asked that qualified bidders must be CMMI Level 5 certified and you are not. If you had these explanations, you should have put them up in the proposal or in the pre-bid meetings.

Why did you lie. OK you did not lie, you just did not tell the truth since your document did not disclose the expiration date and the whistle was blown on you by one of the competitors. So why are you crying like a spoilt brat (which you are). And why did you not just say that it was an error instead of covering the lie with more untruth.

Clearly shows lack of ethics and sense of fairplay. First you cheat and then you cry foul when caught.

My take on the fallout - someone at PwC will get a big kick on his / her backside and rightfully deserves more. Even the company deserves more considering their role in Satyam !
And of course, someone at at competitor company (Wipro or VAM) will get a promotion and a big fat bonus (rightfully so !).

PS: if any of the persons from Wipro/VAM/Pwc read this i shall be very happy to get a communication from you .. tell me about the pain and the gain ;-)

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