Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The New Year begins with a bang ! Break My Heart....

What a start to the New Year ! And they told me 2008 was a bad one.

January '09 and we brought in memories of a tragic 26/11 here in Mumbai. And we did not celebrate the passing of the old year so was this due to the baggage we carried from the last year or a foreboding of the times to come.

Seems to be the latter... when we take stock on this 21st day of the year 2009 AD. (And when I think about the 344 odd days ahead a shiver runs through me)

First Satyam lives down it's name. Raju confessed that he was lying for the past 7 years and more. So a billion dollar behemoth shows it had no pants (maybe no underwear too) and all the good men running along with it also may be in the buff. That was a $ 1.2 b shocker and for those of you who do not know this, the word Satyam means "truth" in Hindi / Sanskrit.

Now Heartland breaks my heart by announcing the mother-of-all breaches. They say they have been compromised. Heatrland processes about 100 millin transactions every month and we can well imagine how bad this is going to be. TJX now may seem like small change because Heartland has beaten them to the tape.
It seems that they have a backdoor running on their systems for quite some time and that they have foind 'multiple' instances of malicious software on the network. Now they will work to make things better by bringing in "a next-generation program designed to flag network anomalies in real time".

Confickr a.k.a. Downadup is a big bad worm spread to over 3.5 million PCs worldwide and has the potential to create "one badass botnet" according to F-Secure. So users be warned about using your convenient USB sticks. Read more about this online before using your USB drives any more, or any autorun device.

So this is it, in three weeks we have three major events one in the east, one in the west and one worldwide. That's a nice number once a week.

And I am not yet talking about the seesawing markets or the billions that are still being handed out to the big banks and corporations to help them stay alive or afloat.

There it goes... the mantra for success : Incorporate and employ thousands, since the numbers are so big some fools will pay you for nothing (the numbers will impress and so will window dressing like sub-prime). In a few years go tell the Government (whisper to them) that you are going under and they will give you a billion or a trillion, then they will lower interest rates and generously fill your begging bowl.

We shall soon see a new elective - the art of becoming a C-level beggar.

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