Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Education system should include IT Security

Education is key to building a culture of respect for the system in which we live, for nature, for our fellow beings and for all that which is not ours. This does not mean that I should not respect what is mine !

To get back to the subject of this post... I mentioned the need to "reorient" education at all levels and today and this is what the MP is talking about and thats the way to go.

MP: Children must be taught IT security
Tom Espiner ZDNet.co.uk
Published: 10 Jan 2008 16:55 GMT

The UK government has said that young people need to be educated about IT security.

Minister of state for schools and learners Jim Knight told ZDNet.co.uk on Wednesday that, as there is increasing online interaction between schools and parents, young people need to know about the possible dangers of IT security being compromised.

I remember Moral Science classes in school where we were taught the virtues of honesty and loving my neighbor, respecting my elders et al. This shaped me into a responsible human being and I believe that the same values are needed when we are talking about computing and internet usage.

12 year olds are trading viruses !

14 year olds are arrested for screwing up a public transport system !! The kid(s) thinks this is fun when grown ups run around crazy just because he / she pressed the enter key without anyone being wiser.

Yes there is the need to include ethical computer usage and it has to start young. It is a recognized fact that training and awareness are the most effective tools in any Information Security implementation, and the same solution has to be brought into the system.

Maybe I shall make a check to see how many management or technology courses include ethical computing as part of their curriculum......... fodder for my next post.

Dinesh Bareja
"ramble securely"

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