Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its the war syndrome....

The generals have new weapons. The generals need not be uniformed with rows of medals on their chests . Their armies need not be working out everyday to be in good health etc.... They may never step out into the open to wage war because they attack through computers and networks using invisible bits and bytes to inflict more damage than "Little Boy" and it's descendants.

Well MI-5 has warned UK based corporations to be aware of Chinese espionage. The statement makes a vague reference to 'other states' but that is unqualified.
(Check the story at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7123970.stm)

Then we have the White House, yesterday, asking for a few millions to fortify cybersecurity and $ 115 m is not small change.

To add to the terror scenario we have a teenager who was controlling the largest botnet from idyllic New Zealand. And then the personal data of a person no less than the Information Commissioner is farmed off the net at a cost of 35 p in less than an hour !

So is the Internet going to become the nemesis of mankind ? Is this where they will launch wars of a personal nature or against a state ? And the intensity of the weapons will overshadow the infamous invisible WMDs.

The enemy may well be sitting at a console next to you in the neighborhood cybercafe.

Everyday we have a new doomsday scenario tale and a small world becomes smaller.

Dinesh O Bareja

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